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Jewelry Organizer (18)I love unique jewelry organizers, and they are one of the most popular DIYs you can find on sites like Pinterest. It’s not hard to understand why as by the time you are half way through your 20s you seem to have more jewelry than you know what to do with. I love having my jewelry available and in a convenient location but still aesthetically pleasing. My first DIY for the site was a jewelry organizer and it worked great however I had the hooks directly into the wall which is not a great option for people that are renting or conscious about putting too many holes in the walls. Of course as soon as I moved I was out of a jewelry organizer for that very reason. It’s been months since we moved and still just have my jewelry sitting on top of my dresser in a pile – it’s awful. So finally I decided it was time for Jewelry Organizer 2.0. This time I am going to showing how to create a simply and cheap organizer using shelves instead!

What You Will Need:

  • Shelf or shelves
  • Hammer & nail
  • Hooks
    (easy to pick up from any hardware store available in various sizes and colors)
  • Paint & brush


  1. I picked up these unique shelves from a garage sale in the spring for only $4. It was a great find as I love square shelving, except the color. For a project like this you can use any type of shelving or even a random piece of wood, anything goes. Due to my starting color I am going to have to starting with painting! Thankfully I have plenty of paint left over from painting my bedroom so I just laid out the shelves on a plastic tarp and painted away. I did about 3 coats on each.
    jewelry organizer (1)jewelry organizer (2)
  2. Once your shelf or shelves are ready to go and the color you desire, it is time to do placement. So grab your shelf and find the perfect part of your house for the jewellery organizer. I am putting mine right beside my dresser and just above my rack for bags. It is important to plan out first where the shelf is going to go first so there will have enough room for your jewelry to hang and make sure it’s accessible. Make sure to grab the longest piece of jewelry and hold a few centimeters below the location of the shelf to make sure there is enough room.
  3. Now that you know where the shelf is going to go it is time for hook layout. Many factors will go into hook layout: what type of jewelry you want to hang, quantity of jewelry, how many you wish on each hook, length of shelf itself, do you want double rows at different depths, alternating depths, straight line, more functional or more decorative…those are just a few to get you started. It’s great to have your jewelry laid out on the floor so you can see what it’d be like on the hooks. I have 3 separate shelves to use and since they are quiet wide I have plenty of room to do double rows. Once you’ve brainstormed, it’s time to mark with a pencil where you want the hooks to be.
    Jewelry OrganizerJewelry Organizer (2)
  4. Next you will need to grab the hammer and a nail. You will make a small hole for each mark in pencil you’ve made on the bottom of the shelf. This allows for easy screwing of the hook. Just make sure you are only nailing in a few centimeters as you don’t want to go through the top of the shelf.
    Jewelry Organizer (3)Jewelry Organizer (5)
  5. Now you can you easily screw in the hooks, making sure they are all secure.
    Jewelry Organizer (4)Jewelry Organizer (7)
  6. I wanted some of my hooks to be the same color of the shelves so as to blend in as much as possible. I just used a foam brush to add paint to them after they were screwed in. If you wanted an alternative color to the shelf color instead and couldn’t find hooks of that color at the store simply paint the hooks on both sides giving plenty of time to dry before starting the project.
    Jewelry Organizer (6)Jewelry Organizer (11)
  7. So now that the shelf or shelves are complete with hooks, it’s time to hang them on the wall. If you are going to be putting a lot of weight on the shelf I would recommend using wall anchors. If you bought your shelve it will come with a way to anchor the shelve to the wall or if you simply used a piece of wood or homemade shelves anchors are easy to purchase from any hardware store. Mine use invisible screws. Once again you can use the nail and the hammer to create the hole for the screws. Keep in mind using a drill is usually quicker but not necessary (we got one when we moved and it’s been so much better).
    Jewelry Organizer (9)Jewelry Organizer (13)
  8. The toughest step – time to find a place for each piece of jewelry. The great thing about using a shelf instead of a rack is that you can lay things like bracelets on the top or even small mementos to add some decorative touches to the organizer. I’ve added to mine the usual things I have laying on top of my dresser like jewelry boxes I’ve been given over the years and heirlooms from my grandpa! If you are using similar square shelves you can even create a shadow box for a particular piece you want to highlight. Simply attach a hook onto the wall inside the square and then hang the show piece there. For earrings you can even put a piece of mesh in the middle of the square and hang earrings on the inside.
    Jewelry Organizer (10)Jewelry Organizer (12)

Closer Look:

Jewelry Organizer (14)Jewelry Organizer (16)Jewelry Organizer (15) Jewelry Organizer (20)Jewelry Organizer (21)


I love my new jewelry organizer, it’s even better than what I pictured in my head. It’s very functional for whether I want to show off bracelets, necklaces or even earrings (I have plugs so I don’t worry too much about earrings).  Since most of the hooks were reused from my last organizer and the paint was leftover from painting the bedroom it only cost $4 to put it together. I love having the above storage the most; it’s great for sunglasses and rings, even nick-nacks that usually go on top of your dresser. Victor did point out that there is not enough room for all of my necklaces however it’s easy to double up on 1 hook or even add a second row to the shelves however I wanted to show a cleaner look so it’s easier for you to picture what’s it’s look like with your own stuff. One choice I am so pleased with was painting the color of the hooks to match the shelf (the shade of wall and the shelf are actually different but it’s hard to tell) because it makes the hooks just disappear. I really liked my nickel color hooks so I didn’t paint them but now I think I may go back and paint them to blend in.  I am also adding a spot beside the shelves for my brooches. If you have any brooches I always just use a nice thick piece of ribbon or lace (mine is white with black polka dots) and nail to the wall and attachthe brooches all the way down it. It’s so easy to detach and reattach the brooches when they are hanging like that and can showcase them all, works great for pins too. The jewelry organizer would be great with just a standard flat shelf too – there is so many ways you can do it. I hope this gives you an idea of what you can do in your house and seriously it toke me less than a few hours to put together and so much cheaper than any organizer you could buy (and it’s completely customizable to what you own). Let me know in the comments if this inspired you to make your own!


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