My First Toy Camera…

110 film269 (800x639)Lomography Wednesday: My First Toy Camera

The first memory I have as being a photographer was when I was roughly 8 years old. McDonalds had these amazing neon 110 film cameras that came with the Happy Meals at the time. Me and my brothers had all the colors, green, pink, orange, you name it. For a few years we use to take photos of everything, and take them with us around with us on our summer trips between our divorced parents. Our parents even after the free roll that came inside the camera was done would buy more film for us to continue to use them. I had really no idea that my mom had bothered to get the film developed but the memory of these cameras had always stuck out in my mind. I remember when I found these though, I was so happy. I was looking through old photo that my mom kept in boxes in our basement when we lived in Calgary during the end of my high school and I came upon unopened developers enevlopes and out came these wonderful 110 prints. I had compeletly forgot myself that I had actually liberated these from her basement so many years ago until two weeks ago when I was looking for photos for my “The first time I took your photo…” meme. Thought I’d share a little slice of my childhood memories of photography. This is a collerbaration effort between myself and my brothers Corbin and Tyler (the ones of all of us as kids were taken by my grandmother) though becuase it’s almost impossible to remember who took what.

110 film270 (800x639)110 film273 (800x638)110 film268 (800x635)110 film279 (800x640)110 film274 (800x638)110 film282 (800x642)110 film280 (800x640)110 film277 (800x642) 110 film278 (800x639)110 film275 (800x632)110 film281 (800x640)110 film284 (800x642)110 film272 (800x635)110 film271 (800x639)

a) My grade 4th class room
b) Me and Corbin sticking out our tongues c) Hiding in the leaves with my brothers with some Halloween staffs
d) Flying from Edmonton to Naniamo between our parent’s houses e) Travelling in the car
f) Snow up to a roof g) More snow in Edmonton
h) The Rocky Mountains i) A portrait that eneded up justing being leaves
j) More Rocky Mountains k) The sky from the back seat of the car
l) Chipmunk trying to eat our food camping m) My baby axe beside the big axe camping
n) Me with my dog Scruffy in our baby blue car o) Me and Scruffy on our old front lawn in Naniamo

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