Halloween Recipe: White Chocolate Skulls

White Chocolate Skulls (17)
What a great way to start off October than with a Halloween recipe! I’ve wanted to make these white chocolate skulls for weeks ever since I found the skull mold at Dollerama. Me and Victor love white chocolate so it was a no brainer (sorry lame pun). For my recipe, to make it super simple I am just using store bought white chocolate however if you have a bit more time I highly suggest trying to make your own. This recipe looks amazing! You can even add coconut to the white chocolate to give it a little something extra or make a filling like raspberries puree so the skull wil oozes red when you bite into it. This is definitely a recipe for beginners and it’s only my 2nd time making homemade chocolates with molds (last time I used Wiltons melts which taste is not my kind of thing). They are great on their own or you can place them on top of a cupcake for some edible decorations. For the ingredients I useI was able to make 40 chocolate skulls.

What You’ll Need: White Chocolate Skulls (6)

  • ¬†White chocolate (110g is roughly 10 chocolates)
  • Skull mold
    *like this one
  • 1 tablespoon Cocoa powder
  • Red food coloring
  • Food paint brush


10 minutes for prep and decorate, 1 1/2 hours to cool


  1. Break apart your white chocolate into small pieces. You will need about 110g for each round in the mold.
    White Chocolate Skulls (5)
    *skip this step if you bought white chocolate chips
  2. Melt your white chocolate. Now there is two ways can do this:
    a) Put chocolates into a microwave safe bowl and heat for 30 seconds and then stir. Put in an extra 10 seconds and stir until you reach desired consistency.
    b) Double boil the chocolates by putting water into a pot and heating up until boiling, then place on medium heat to simmer. Place a glass/metal bowl with the chocolate on top of the pot and stir until desired consistency.
    White Chocolate Skulls (10)White Chocolate Skulls (11)
    *I like the double boil method as its easier to control the melting and to make sure you don’t burn the chocolate and it’s just as quick at the microwave.
  3. Take the melted white chocolate and pour into the moldsWhite Chocolate Skulls (7)White Chocolate Skulls (8)
    *you can use a spoon or you can use a piping bag
  4. Tap the mold on the counter a few times to release any bubbles and get the chocolate to level in the mold.
    White Chocolate Skulls (1)
  5. At this point if there is still room in the mold, add in more chocolate and tap again. If there is too much remove using a spoon or your finger. Clean up any chocolate outside of the mold. White Chocolate Skulls (9)
  6. Put in the fridge to cool for 90 minutes.
  7. Take chocolates out of the fridge and pop them out on top of wax paper.
    White Chocolate Skulls (12)White Chocolate Skulls (14)
  8. Time to decorate! Now you can leave your skulls white if you’d like but here are two ideas I love.
    a) Using a paint brush dip into red food coloring and paint the chocolate, adds a little more scare to them.
    *the food coloring does dry after a few hours however it will still get on our hands, if you are worried about this try not getting any on the sides of the chocolate.
    White Chocolate SkullsWhite Chocolate Skulls (2)
    b) Using the paint brush or your hands take a small amount of cocoa power and rub into the skull in various places to create a dirty effect.
    White Chocolate Skulls (4)
  9. Eat them! If you want to store them for a later time make sure to leave them in the fridge.


These were so easy to make and they all turned out wonderfully. I love that it’s so easy to pick up unique molds for ice cubes and make custom chocolates instead. They are really great for a Halloween party or just a fun snack. They are pretty melty when handled so if you travel with them or want them to be left out of the fridge for a while just pop in the freezer for a while before hand to keep melting to be minimized. I found the red food coloring even after drying for over 24 hours still leaves a bit of red when handled so beware! The two variations on the white turned out even better than I thought and it really makes them stand out and now look store bought. If you are worried about the bitterness of the cocoa powder I didn’t even notice as the white chocolate chips are very sweet. All in all a simple recipe for Halloween. My next recipe is in 2 weeks and it’s going to be apple crumple. Hoping to go to the orchard this weekend and pick up fresh green and red apples. Tried the recipe or have recommendations on a future recipe? Leave comments below.

White Chocolate Skulls (18)White Chocolate Skulls (16)White Chocolate Skulls (3)White Chocolate Skulls (15)


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