Featured Artists: The White Deer

the white deer

Featured Artist: The White Deer

The White Deer is artwork by the artist Peony Yip from Hong Kong. There is not much information about her beside that she’s an amateur artist who loves to illustrate. Her work is very romantic, simple and contains a lot of metamorphism and symbolism. She seems to work in series as her work has a theme that she elaborates on for several illustrations and then changes to something quite different. Despite the changes in her work they all seem like they came from the same mind and carry over her romanticism and simple line work. I love her use of animals and the way she draws women showing the fragile side and strength in their faces sometimes even within the same illustration. Her use of color or minimal use of color works wonderfully and adds richness to her work. The only thing that throws me a loop is her poster work, although not at all bad it just seems a little out of place with her already varying body of work. I do love her work and look forward to seeing her make more in the future, she really has a talent.

The White Deer (blog)
Society6 (prints for purchase)
Flickr (artwork)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Peony Yip.

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