Oktomat and Me

oktomat (2)

Self-Portrait: Oktomat and Me

  Oktomat is one of the brightest toy camera I have  and what a perfect camera to match my new Fall hair color. This guy was the 2nd toy camera I ever owned and despite it’s many drawbacks I always really love shooting with it.  It ‘s a really fun camera to use with it’s 8 shots taken in the span of 2.5 seconds. My outfit today is inspired by the fun playful nature of the camera. I really love having orange or redish hair during this season so I changed my hair last weekend to match the leaves and am in love with it. Its strange going from pale pink hair to such a dark color over night, I feel a little weird looking at myself in the mirror. It’s really fun though and I love the red tips. As I am sure you tell from my self portraits I love having different colored tips. I am so excited to have orange hair for the next month but a part of me is already thinking about what to do for winter.

oktomatoktomat (3)oktomat (4)

If you’d like to see photos I’ve taken with the Oktomat you can check out my posts here, here, and here and even my review of it here!


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