Featured Artist: Ally Burke

ally burkeUntitled-4

For the weekend before Halloween I thought I’d feature an artist whose style seems to work nicely with the general spookiness and unsettling quality of Halloween, Ally Burke. Ally is from East Tennessee and has the flare for creating vivid portraits of creatures and women with sharp teeth and a few extras appendages. Her work is divided between her paintings and her illustrations however she does frequently show on her blog her sketch work. She also occasionally does paintings on wood and mini frames. I find her sketches to be the most enthralling of her work. Her simple sketches convey without any kind of pretension her amazing imagination and the almost cold terror of her subjects. I think it’d be such a treat to go through a whole sketch book of hers and see all the gems hidden in it. She really should put out a book much in the style of Edward Gorey. She also does commission work as well for people interested in letting her draw them in her unique style. I actually had one done of me and Victor and it’s probably one of my most treasured pieces of artwork. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ally Burke was to grow into an artist with much more reach and audience over the next few years. She is definitely an artist to watch, even for those with an aversion to spiders and other things that go bump in the night.


Dead Spider Hands (website)
Funny Skull Grin (blog)
Society6 (prints for purchase)
Etsy (originals, prints and more)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Ally Burke.

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