Last Year’s Halloween

self portrait halloweenUntitled-6So last year I was a Día de Muertos bride for Halloween so I thought for Self-Portrait Sunday I’d show you guys my costume in preparation for this year ! (I’ve shown it off a few times before as well) I had doing my make-up although it took a very long time and really enjoyed the bone details. I wore it once to a club without the wig and then on Halloween to work/hand out candy. It was great fun and I made the flower headband and bouquet which I was really proud off because I am not that arts and crafts. I actually kept the headband because I love it so much but haven’t found a use for it yet.

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I feel like spilling the beans on my costume for this year as it’ll be the 3rd by next Sunday so you won’t even see it on Halloween. I am going to be a Lolita girl like the Japanese fashion trend. I have a knock off Lolita dress that I’ve actually had in my closet since February so that was just too perfect. I am going to be wearing a pale purple curly wig with lots of cute hair clips and lots of Lolita style jewelry and a bag that will just make the whole outfit go together. I am really excited to wear it! I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures to show you guys, for right now I don’t have much plans for where I am going to be wearing it but probably a club and work again like last year. What are your plans for Halloween and what is your costume?

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