Pick of the Week: Hungry Designs “Revist”

hungry designs (3)

Pick of the Week: Hungry Designs “Revisted”

Hungry Designs is this week pick of the week and for a 2nd time as I just love this Etsy shop by Amanda Whitelaw. I though what better than around Halloween too as her work is heavily inspired by characters and there is plenty of the undead. Her shop is mostly brooches but she has coasters, prints, necklaces, wall mounts, pillows and more on there too. She a huge favourite of mine for brooches and since my last pick of the week of her work I bought as many more I wanted to show you guys. Her stuff is amazing and worth picking up even though it’ll be hard to just pick one. She frequently has sales too so follow her on tumblr (she also shows up coming designs and her trips to fairs in Australia)! My poor jackalope brooch broke when being shipped because the postman stuffed it into my small slot for mail so that’s why it looks a little messed up because I had to super glue its horns back together so don’t pay that any attention. Below are more photos more of the brooches I’ve picked up and a necklace. My favourite is the necklace and the My Little Pony inspired brooch.

hungry designshungry designs (3)hungry designscitizen erased photography (6)hungry designs (2)hungry designs (1)

Here are some of my favourite items:


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