Pick of the Week: HolgaHojan

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Pick of the Week: HolgaHojan

HolgaHojan is my pick of the week this week because it’s a great Etsy store to find vintage cameras at reasonable prices. I’ve bought 4 cameras from them over the years and will likely buy more from them in the future. They have great stock and every month get different cameras to add to their store. The one thing that really stands out about their store is they clearly know about the cameras they are selling and write very detailed information about the specific camera as well as its current conditioned. All the cameras I have received have been exactly what I was excepting and they do clean all the cameras they sell. Once more they usually sell the cameras with the original manual and sometimes accessories like flashes, bags, and film. The more popular cameras do usually run at a higher price but most are very reasonable priced especially if they are more common. Above are the cameras I bought with them, both Polaroid’s were higher priced but came with flashcubes, original manual and the Colorpack II came with a leather camera case as well. The Brownie Fiesta came with the original box which was such a treat as it was less than $30. I really recommend HolgaHojan as I have never been disappointed and vintage cameras are all they do so you will always find a big selection and for us people who just cannot find cameras at garage sales or thrift stores they are great for adding the odd camera to the collection.

polaroid colorpack polaroid land camerabrownie fiesta

A few of my favourite cameras for sale right now:



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