Curious Butter

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The last few moments of Fall are upon us (doesn’t that sound ominous and dark). Butter’s last few moments outside have passed by this week as I can only stand having the door open for 5 minutes before I get the chills. She is still dying to go outside as it’s been squirrel time in our backyard for the last two weeks and they have been driving her crazy. I actually have a video of her trying to chase one down for heaven’s sake. I even heard what a squirrel’s attack sound and it’s pretty hostile sounding. She’s been really good about listening to me when I tell her to stop but she always tries to chase them down the spiral staircase. I know what happens when she gets down a floor – whining about not know how to walk up the spiral staircase – silly kitty and I really wouldn’t want her to hurt a squirrel even if they do like to tease her. Not much else has been happening this week. I am going for Dim Sum for the first time ever on Sunday, going with a few co-workers, very excited. Hoping on Saturday to walk to Mont-Royal again like I did with Victor last weekend, it’s my goal to go there at least 1 more time in the next few weeks and enjoy the autumn trees. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoyed the first week of November!

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