Autumn Walk

In October I made myself a promise that I’d go on a long walk at least once a week, and so far I’ve been doing a really good job of that. It’s my favourite season but the colder tempatures and clouds usually keep me inside so it’s been nice to drag myself outside and really enjoy the falling leaves and the amazing colors. These are from a few weeks ago, I thought about smushing them all together but last weekend we went to Mont-Royal and I took a few too many photos. It’s nice just taking fun pictures and not being stressed out about making sure they are perfect – and throwing leaves at the camera. I’ve been working for the last month on some old photographs for a seriers of postcards I am getting made so it’s nice to have a break. I’ll be sprinkling a few comments along with the photos taken in Parc La Fontaine.

autumn walk (2)autumn walk (3)autumn walk (4)I sat on one of the benchs infront of the lake by myself for awhile before meeting up with Victor and just spent some time taking photos with my Kodak Dualflex (here)

Kodak Dualflex (3)autumn walk (9)     Meet up with Victor at the metro and walked back to the park marvelling at all the leaves on the ground.

autumn walk (11) autumn walk (12) autumn walk (13)Portraits of us getting ready to throw leaves about and have fun.

autumn walk (15)autumn walk (16) autumn walk (17) autumn walk (18) autumn walk (31)autumn walk (38)And now for silly gifs of me and Victor throwing leaves at the camera. These just make me smile so much!
(ps click on the image to be sent to the better quality gif)

The geese kept swooping in and out beside us.

autumn walk (21)Some stills of us throwing leaves, they are hilarious. I love throwing leaves photos even if I can never get the leaves in focus.

autumn walk (37)autumn walk (24)autumn walk (39)   Enough smiles time for serious faces, lol.

autumn walk (47)autumn walk (49)The sun started to hide so we went around the lake and headed off home.

autumn walk (54) autumn walk (55) autumn walk (57) autumn walk (59) autumn walk (61)
I also picked up some really bright red leaves to try and press at home.

autumn walk (62) autumn walk (63)

It’s so nice being 15minutesaway from a big parc when you live in a city. Next spring I think we will be spending a lot of time here. I love just walking around with Victor. This weekend we are going to investigate the side of Mont-Royal where the cemetary is so that should be fun.

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