Christmas Picks: Gift Guide Under $25

What better way to start the holiday season then with a gift guide for today’s Pick of the Week! I’ve searched my Etsy and my favourite online stores so I can bring you 3 gift guides for the next 3 weeks. Today is items under $25, next week will be $25-50 and the last one will be $50+. Plus after that I’ll be picking out my Top 10 Christmas Recipes and Top 10 Video Games. So look out for those on Mondays leading up to Christmas!christmas gift guide

  1. Twin Peaks Ring by Kateslittleshop
  2. Cassette Tape Necklace by CABfayre
  3. Cats and Crosses Nail Decals by Saramlyons
  4. Girl Brooch by Hanaletters
  5. Postick Adhesive Postcard Labels by Postcardhappiness
  6. Wildlife Art Print by White Deer
  7. Bedroom Series Pins by Mel Stringer
  8. Chevron Infinity Scarf by SageKandCo
  9. Woodland Dreams Postcards by HidenSeek
  10. My Little Pony Day of the Dead Brooch by HungryDesigns
  11. Mini Skull Necklace by Skullery

    christmas gift guide under 25
  12. Feminist Cuties Stickers by Starchild Stela
  13. Ice Cream Brooch by Hannahdoddle
  14. Camera Lens Mug by ThinkGeek
  15. Dinosaur Cookie Cutters by ModCloth
  16. Weapon of Choice Stickers by RudysCandyShop
  17. Geometric Mountain Tote Bag by Depeapa
  18. Zipper Pouch by dannybrito
  19. Mind Palace Nail Polish by LynBDesigns
  20. Wood Laser Yeti Brooch by Gusosos
  21. Man Eater Limited Edition Print by Wishcandy
  22. Cupcake magnets by 12LegsCuriosities
  23. Temporary Tattoos by Deerface
  24. Dinosaur Salt and Pepper Shakers by ModCloth

I have no control over stock so sorry if any of these items are unavailable after today, keep in mind Etsy stores have to relist items so check their store as the item may be available under a new listing.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Picks: Gift Guide Under $25

  1. hi :) thanks so much for putting me on that list ! I noticed a typo so I thought I’d let you know: Starchilld Stela ! With one L like a tomb or the eater european spelling of the name !

    Thank you I love your photography so much. And your amazing hair of course

    1. Corrected! I always make that mistake when typing your name but usually notice :) Those stickers are amazing btw. I love them.

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