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vintage finds (9)For today’s Vintage Tuesday I thought I’d share the amazing vintage finds I picked up over the weekend at the Old Wig event that happened it Montreal. Me and Victor went to a concert the night before (my favourite band, We Are Wolves) and I was a little hung over and tired from dancing so we were hoping to have a nice relaxing Saturday inside the house until Victor found out about the event Old Wig (the name is nonsense) on Facebook so we decided to bundle up in our winter gear and adventure outside. It’s was a 3 day event and we arrived on the last day about 2 hours before closing and didn’t have any idea of what it’d be like when we arrived or if there would be anything good left over. We entered the converted bath house building after a short metro ride and we were instantly greeted with the sight of hipsters as far the eye could see. I think me and Victor stuck out like a sore thumbs but he didn’t think so because I have and I quote ‘weird hair’. lol. Most of the building’s area was dedicated to clothing which we weren’t interested in but there was a smaller room in the basement that was filled with vintage store owners selling house hold goods, jewelry and other bits and bobs. We had a lot of fun just walking around and I really really wanted to buy a lot of things from glass ware to salt and pepper shakers and there was so many vintages cameras too. Since it was just a last minute random adventure and I was tired I didn’t bring my camera which is too bad and I regretted as soon as we got there but below I wanted to share the amazing things we ended up buying.

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A cat tea pot that I bought for $20. It was the first item that caught my eye that I knew I just had to have. I ran into these tea pots one night while searching “vintage cat” in Etsy just for fun and found them to be really charming and had them on my list for a¬† future purchase so it was wonderful to find in person instead.

vintage findsA vintage label maker that embosses plastic tape for $12. This is acutally Victor’s 4th year anniversary present, a little early but the perfect gift for him. He has wanted one of these for over a year. One day he just randomly told me he wanted an embosser and I had no idea what he was talking about, he didn’t know the name in English so I searched online using keywords he gave him and finally found out that it’s called an embosser or label gun and showed him and he confirmed that was it (alhtough in Chile he had a metal one). I never bought him one because he couldn’t decide whether he wanted a vintage one or a newer one so running into this one was just perfect. He has already label everything in his room with it and I’m buying him some tape for Christmas so he can label some more….it weird, hahaha.

vintage finds (8)A Kodak Tourist II camera for $40. This is probably my only semi-regret purchase. I really should have done a quick search in Etsy before buying. This camera usually goes for around that price or cheaper (but Etsy there would be shipping) so it’s not a bad deal but it’s an easy camera to find and this one isn’t in remarkable condition and didn’t come with a case or a box or instructions so I could have easy picked this one up anywhere at a later time. It was also the only camera there that I didn’t already own a version of so that’s why I liked it, plus I only have two other folding cameras. There was to my suprise a lot of cameras however most were Polaroids (and I have two that I love already).

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A Polaroid Colorpack Photo Album for $12. This was an amazing find by Victor, in fact I had completely passed by a whole bunch of albums to look at a few mod style purses and didn’t even realize it. It’s actually for my exact style of Polaroids and in almost brand new condition. It hold 100 instant photos and is this nice dark red leather. I was a bit hesitant to buy because I hang all my Polaroids on my living room wall but I did need a place to store inbetween taking them and scanning them and if I even change my mind about having them on the wall I have the perfect album for them.

vintage finds (2)A stack of 120 vintage photographs from the 1940’s in black and white taken in Montreal for $80. This item was really the one I had to think about for a long time, espically considering the price tag was for as much as all the other items I had already bought. I am so glad I made the decision to buy these though because I think I would have regretted it (my poor bank account though). When the guy quoted me the price he said he normally charges $3 for 1 and then he counted very slowly each one to see how many they were and when he said there was a 100 I thought for sure he’d quote me a price over $150 so it was a really good deal. I even bargined with him to throw in the ones he had on display on the table so I got an extra 20. I am thinking about making these into postcards after scanning them, or another project¬† but you will definetly see more of these beautiful photographs on Vintage Tuesday in the new year.

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A fake gold egg purse form the 80’s for $35, this is my anniversary present from Victor. When we went to pay for the last few items I noticed at of the corner of my eye an egg shape, but I told myself to go pay and ignore it until afterwards so I wouldn’t buy it. My grandmother collected eggs and celebrated Easter in the most amazing way so I always have to look at anything that’s an egg no matter what. So after buying the last item I could afford I went to find it and discovered the most amazing egg purse. It really random but I love it and it’s lined in velvet and seems like the most perfect fancy diner purse (which I don’t any of those) so I asked Victor to buy me for our anniversary and he agreed. I cannot wait to use it, I hope we go on a date soon.

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Free items! The lady who sold us the label maker said I could pick out a necklace because it was the last day and the event was almost over so I picked up this super fake looking necklace that literally goes past my waist. I don’t even know why but I like it. The pin I found in an old luggage case with all these other pins from the 80s that were so bad they were funny. I wanted to buy one for Ana so I picked out this guy and asked for the price and the owner in a snottiest voice told me “well the minimum price I can sell anything is $10 and if that’s all you want to buy I cannot sell it to you so I guess it’s a gift”…well thanks mate.

Phone photos:

Next time there is an event like this I will be sure to bring my camera so I can share with you all the amazing items that I find and the really fun atmosphere. It was great seeing all these vintage stores in one place and having conversations with them, me and Victor had a great time. I spent far too much money but the prices were far less than you’d normally see inside a vintage store so it felt like a good time to splurge. We are hoping to pick up maybe some cups next time or an old gaming system for Victor. Found any good vintage items lately?


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