My Inside Garden: Update before Winter

It’s been a long time since I’ve shown you guys my inside garden (post here) and I’ve been super curious myself to see how the before and after shoots would look of all my new plants so today we are having a look at my inside garden before its winter.


plants plantsgarden
You’ll notice I am not including the befores of any of my herb garden and that’s because they died two weeks after I got it. Pfff it was total rubbish but all the other plants I bought did so well…


plant (18)plant (37)plant (20)
The fishnet stocking plant and the random vine plants grew so MUCH! I was so impressed with all 3 of these. The first vine plant is my favourite because it has the prettiest leaves and I am looking forward to buying another one next year. I was actually given the plant as a present from Zara last year but it barely grew anything from when I first got it so I was so surprised when it started too during the summer. The other vine is out of control, I have no idea what to do with it – it just keeps growing. Clearly it needs to be potted in a hanging container but since its winter I’ve decided to wait until next year to do that. I am already excited to have inside hanging baskets in the kitchen, there is so much room by the window and it’s really the only spot in the house that gets good light. The fishnet stocking plants though is the real big guy of the bunch, it’s too bad too because it’s supposed to be an annual which means it’ll die after a year. I had the fishnet stocking plant in the living room for all of the Spring and half the summer and it hadn’t grown much so in August I decided to move it to the kitchen and since then it’s grown in every which direction to no bounds. It’s still growing too, every time I look at it I see new leaves and a new limps starting up. It’s really in need of a much bigger pot but again I’m not sure if it’s supposed to survive the winter so I am waiting to see. Now for the other two..

plant (55)plant (5)
These two have grown a little bit but both of them are in rooms that do not have much light during the day. The great thing about them is they don’t need a lot of light so they are perfect. I was hoping my crazy colored leaf one would grow more. When we were at the nursery they had bigger versions and they were so pretty. I have moved it to the kitchen as well now for the last two months to see if that would help. Victor’s one though is just perfect for him, he really loves it. Below are some extra shots at all the plants, after I took these I repotted my favourite vine and added soil to the others and I am just hoping the winter doesn’t kill any of my babies :)

plant (34) plant (40)plant (69)plant (163)

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