Featured Artist: Ruben Ireland

ruben ireland

Featured Artist: Ruben Ireland

Ruben Ireland is an illustrator from London England that you may recognize as his work right now is everywhere. I’ve been interested in his work ever since I found it random on Society6 last year and even picked up some prints for my best friend’s birthday present.  His work is mostly in the form of digital illustrations and the subject matter varies from haunting female silhouettes to totem like animal imagery borrowed from native culture, and doll like portraits. His older work is a different style to the work he has been putting out for the last year or so however they all share a dark undertone. His female characters are shown as very stoic and still figures almost like they are trapped. He uses feathers, antlers, and other native symbols that are used commonly by hipster culture nowadays throughout his work. I find his work viewed as a whole comes across disjointing and you may find yourself not a fan of all aspects of it but I find that way he explores his subjects is captivating and I really enjoy his dark tone silhouette style pieces. He is defiantly worth checking out and I enjoy stepping into his world. It will be interest to see where he goes in the next few years, he is definitely breaking out.

Ruben Ireland (website)
Facebook (updates)
Society6 (prints for purchase)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Ruben Ireland


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