Surreal Moments in the Snow

Self-portrait mask (15) (1280x857), surrealI find myself still fascinated with my older unedited photography of me wearing masks. The shots I am sharing today were taken in 2009 after a very unusual heavy snowfall in Vancouver just outside of the basement I was living in at the time. I am wearing the mixed media mask I made of my own self portrait edited by a friend on Flicker called HOTB. It feels weird to look at these because I honestly do not know what I was thinking or how I manage to get these shots while wearing a mask that actual blinds me. I’ve been seeing a lot of cool surreal self-portraits from international photographers lately and am really tempted to start a 52 Week project when my 365 project is over where I take a weekly self portrait of myself. I want to give myself a chance to explore the more surreal elements of my personality again.

Self-portrait mask (22), surreal Self-portrait mask (8) (1280x857)Test shoot photo that I really like…

Self-portrait mask (5) (1280x857)

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