Christmas Picks: Gift Guide Over $50

christmas picks 1 christmas picks

  1.  Sprocket Rocket Super Pop by Lomography
  2. Hanging Teardrop Glass Terrarium by ABJglassworks
  3. Fujifilm Instant Mini 90 Neo Classic by BHPhoto
  4. Fire & Smoke Large Wool Hood by fairytalefibers
  5. Subdivision Cuff  by nervoussystem
  6. Triangle Bag by bookhouathome
  7. Gnome Sweet Gnome painting on wood by jesiii
  8. Ooak Doll Bunny by pinkytoast
  9. Sweet Nebula Ring by karinadelirio
  10. Fables Covers by James Jean
  11. Sanguine Red and Black Crystal Tiara by angelyques
  12. Mint green wolf leggings by ZIBtextile
  13. Nick Knight by Nick Knight
  14. Diana Mini “Double Rainbow” by Lomography
  15. Tentacle Attack Metal Bookends by KnobCreekMetalArts
  16. La Sardina Domino 35mm camera by Lomography
  17. Blue Mist homemade shoes by Inkkas Shoes
  18. Leather satchel camera bag by LeftoverStudio

Today is our last week of my Christmas gift guides, I hope you enjoyed them. It was really fun for me to make them and it’s nice to support small business Etsy stores. This week there is a few cameras that I am jones to add to my collection. A great gift for anyone you know who enjoys photography. Next week I have my pick of holiday recipes to start you off on baking for the holidays. If you want to see the other posts: Under $25 and $25 to $50. Once again sorry if any of the items are not in stock after today but do remember to check any Etsy main store as commonly the item will be reposted.


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