Christmas Picks: Holiday Recipes

Holiday Recipes

  1. Peppermint Brownie Bark by Handletheheat
  2. Peanut Brittle by FifteenSpatulas
  3. Gingerbread Cupcakes by TidyMom
  4. Cranberry & Sage Drinking Vinegar by CookingStoned
  5. Mini Gingerbread Houses by Caketime
  6. Christmas Tree Cupcakes by Just A Taste
  7. Eggnog Fudge by I Heart Nap Time
  8. Christmas Candy Coal by SprinkleBakes
  9. Iced Sugar Cookies by CookingClassy
  10. Shortbread by VanillaBeanBaker

Mmmmm, don’t these look amazing? So this week I thought I’d share you some amazing holiday recipes I found on cooking blogs. I tried to cover all areas from gingerbread to peppermint and the classics like shortbread and sugar cookies. I think I will be try to make as many of these as possible. High up on my list to make are the eggnog fudge and the gingerbread cupcakes – those seem really wonderful. The one that gives me such a throw back to being the kid is the Christmas tree cupcakes, I remember decorating ice cream cones in elementary school to look like trees and having so much fun. I love Christmas recipes and some of these add such fun twists to already well known flavors. Check them out and next week I’ll be sharing with you my last minute present ideas just in time for Christmas (hint: its video games).


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