Christmas Around the House

My house since the start of December has been decked out in full on Christmas cheer. I am a sucker for holiday decorations but usually in concentrated bursts instead of being scattered around the house. I think it comes from having a grandmother who went all out as well during the holidays. It just seems a shame not to decorate a little. This year is the first year we got an actual real tree and the first Christmas I’ve had any tree bigger than 1 foot (I’ve had a Dollar store mini tree for the last 5 years). My dream is to get a white Christmas tree but those are insanely expensive so unless I find one 75% off – not happening. I also splurged and got a fir reef as I love those and think it looks perfect in our kitchen window. It feels nice to be surrounded by colorful decorations since I am actually the biggest Grinch on Christmas Day. I tend to get heavily depressed around Christmas due to family issues and just built up emotions about my childhood so I try and over compensate beforehand so on the actual holiday I can sit around in my pjs and not give a fuck. Is that weird? Probably. Anyways, here is a look at what I’ve done to my house for the holidays plus snail mail to friends and family and baking galore!

a little dash of tinsel around my living room.
all the elements of this year’s wrapping of (4)postcards, cards and stickers – oh mychristmas (3)this year’s cards I bought from a local Montreal artist Lindsay Campbell.lindsay campbellthe postcards were sci-fi this year postcardsmy kitchen window
christmas (11)
christmas (10) the other kitchen window with the fir wreath and plenty of window decals
christmas (12)christmas (13)
The decorations on the tree center on my favourite color combination of purples, blues, and pinks, also our stockings with the card line
christmas (16)all lit up
christmas (15)
lots of stars, sparkles and mini disco balls – I love it.
christmas (19) christmas (20) christmas (21)
Victor says his family always puts a silver star on top of the tree so I found one for the tree,
christmas (9)

Presents under the tree (most of these were sent in the mail to friends)
christmas (14)
the mini tree was retired so Victor had it in his studio before bring it to his work
christmas Victor found this set of grid lights where each blub had two different colors for the front window
christmas (2)

and the last one is me making a kissy face at a bauble on the tree, as you do.self portrait

 Do you have decorations in your house for the holidays or any traditions?

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