Happy Holidays!

vintage christmas

Happy Holidays!

Hope you are having a great holiday season and are enjoying the traditions you and your family have in December. If the holiday has already passed for you, happy New Year’s instead :) For me today means having Christmas dinner tonight at Victor’s mom’s house (and drinking lots of sparkling cider) and then coming home to open presents afterwards (it’s a German tradition to open presents on Christmas Eve). For Christmas Day tomorrow we plan on sleeping in, opening our stocking presents, eating lots of chocolate and be lazy about the house. I do not live close to most of my friends and am not close to my family so I like spending the day relaxing wtih Victor and Butter and Skyping with my best friend Ana. I am just glad I have the day off of work, lol. Let me know how your’s went in the comments!

 vintage christmas (3)vintage christmas (4)

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