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It’s the end of 2013 so I wanted to look back at all the things I did/tried/accomplished/learned/experienced in the last year.  I am not the type of person who creates many goals for the next year or makes resolutions so it’s fun for me to see what happened in the last year so I can see the areas in my life that I may want to explore more next year. The great thing about running a daily blog is some of what I’ve done this year has been documented in posts which comes in handy when looking back at the last year (links in bold). Let me know in the comments how your year was and what you got up to!

prince edward island (52)

 Travelled to:

  • Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick – me and Victor were invite by our friend Zara to join her camping for a weekend there. I’ve shown many photos from that trip here, here, here and here.
  • Vancouver – it was amazing visiting my hometown for a week, it’s been 2 years since I last saw my best friend!
  • Toronto – I go at least once a year to visit my friend Derek, next year hopefully I can go more often.

 Fell in Love With:

  •  “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk
  • “Slower Leaner” by Grief
    (my amazing talented friend who inspires me and makes bang up EDM music)
  • Fables (graphic novels)
  • The Originals (cheesey tv show)
  • La Mort Pop Club by We Are Wolves
  • Hunter X Hunter 2011 (anime)


 Had Many Firsts:

  • was a bridesmaid for my friend Nicole
  • visited the province of PEI & New Brunswick
    *2 more provinces to go because I’ve seen all of them
  • started a 365 Project
    *which will complete in March 2014
  • became the owner of an original piece of artwork
  • walked across the Jacques Cartier bridge
  • commissioned my first piece of artwork
  • opened an online store
  • went to a pick your own blueberries farm
  • had a real Christmas tree
  • made an inside garden
  • tried making new recipes for me and Victor to enjoy like salmon, chicken noodle soup and more
  • ………. and lastly started a weekly blog!



  • 4 years with Victor
  • dyed my hair at least once a month for the whole year
  • did not kill off my wonderful garden
  • reviewed all of my art books
  • moved into a larger apartment so me and Victor could have our own studio spaces
  • painted my living room purple and bedroom blue
  • made a new popsicle recipe every week of the summer
  • learning how to develop black and white film
  • did monthly DIY projects that I’ve always wanted to do
  • fulfilled my life long dream of owning a projector!

Best Posts of the Year:

Vintage Tuesday I am really proud of. All the cameras are so amazing and I really love the photography they produce and taking the time to hand develop the film and in some case convert the film makes them really special to me. I am so excited for the next year and have so many new cameras to try out.


Biggest beginner blogger mistake:

I think the biggest mistake I made on the blog this year was doing “What I Wore” posts. I love dressing up, and putting together cute outfits makes me happy (although I think most people enjoy that) but beside the first one it was not very fun to shoot and the format is just not my thing. I ended up deleting one post because it was just that bad to me after the fact. For now I don’t think this type of format will be showing up in the future as the whole process was just kind of boring for me.

whatiwore (4)

 Added to my Collection:

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about where I want to take my blog in 2014 and changes to the format I will be making for the next year so look for that to see what’s coming up for Citizen Erased Photography.

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