365 Challenge: December

The 365 Challenge for December was my toughest month yet when it came to motivation and inspiration. It’s been easier than I thought to take a photo a day but highlighting my own photography has been super hard. This month being sick and in general hiding away from the weather has made the photos a little boring. I am very much a temperamental artist, I usually only make mixed media projects at the dead of night when the mood strikes me and I am very much the same way with my photography. It’s been good to recognize that in myself and try and work through that frustration but on a daily basis this month it’s been hard. I’ve been taking photos of something that sums up my day nicely and I am always happy with that but I don’t know if that’s interesting to other people….*sigh* I really want to improve the subject matter and get outta the house a little more in January! There are plenty of festive photos for the holidays that make me smile though so check them out below. If you want to check out the previous months: March, April , May, June, July,  August ,  September, October and November or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (273) (1024x678)273 Send snail mail to various people including my custom postcard to my friend Stevie.

365 (277) (1024x678)277 Finally finished decorating the Christmas tree

365 (285) (1024x678)286 Selling prints, postcards and rice krispies as a craft fair

365 (288) (1024x678)288 Bokuh fun with Christmas lights

365 (296) (1024x678)296 Butter watching the snow plow outside with great interest

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