Pick of the Week: Fairy Tale Fibers

fairy tale fibers

Pick of the Week: Fairy Tale Fibers

The first pick of the week for the new year is going to Fairy Tale Fibers from Portland, Oregon run by Drew Raine. They specialize in fairy hoods that I’ve been obsessed with for years. My good friend Zara has had one pretty much since I’ve known her and I’ve always loved the style and wanted one of my own. And guess what I got for Christmas? The hood not only have a really amazing style but they are also eco-friendly and handmade with a lot of love and come in various sizes for kids and adults. The hoods are made for wearing in any season and they last an extremely long time, my friend has had her hood for over 5 years and it still looks amazing. The only downside of course if since the hoods are made to be worn year around that they are a little cold for -30 winters like I have in Montreal so I wear a thin toque underneath to block the wind so it’s warm enough. I love this hat so much, I cannot believe I waited so long to pick one up and it’s a good thing I did because it appears Fairy Tale Fibers has closed starting January 1st. However it is unclear if this will be permanent so I’ve decided to still make it a pick as I love this hat so much and there is a physical store in Seattle called  Sock Monster where they can be found. My suggestion is if you want one of these hoods to contact her on Etsy or the store as quickly as possible to see about picking one up before there is no more.
(as well you can sign up on Etsy to be updated if the store reopens)

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A few of my favourite hats:

Fairy tale fibers (5)

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