Starting the New Year…

new year (94)Even though I worked over the holidays I’ve been a bit slow to getting back into the full swing of things so this week I wanted to not worry about today’s post and show you casual photos of how I brought in the new year! It was actually a really amazing moment because it shouldn’t have happened at all. I was scheduled at my call center job until midnight on New Year’s and Victor had planned on coming downtown to meet me at my work. I was going to try and sneak off a few minutes early so I could get a kiss at midnight and bring in the new year with him but thankfully it was quiet enough towards the end that they let people do home early. So instead of that plan I got home just after 11am and we bundled up and walked a few blocks away to the edge of Vieux-Montreal to watch the fireworks with a bottle of poor people champagne. (I love alcoholic sparkling cider and it’s our tradition to have it on any special day)

new year (102)We got there just minutes before midnight and there was a crowd of people around too who had the same idea. Further down by the port there was live bands playing music and it was the official watching spot but our spot was so much better. The countdown started and we got to ring in the New Year together, and wish each other happy anniversary too. It was amazing, although freezing cold. The fireworks didn’t start until a few minutes after midnight and seemed to go on forever so I happy took photos in one hand while drinking in the other.

new year (54)new year (28)Victor was drinking straight from the bottom but I had a wine glass that froze and got ice chunks almost right away all over. We were both freezing by the time the fireworks ended and rushed home to spend the rest of the night being lame. I hadn’t really planned on sharing any photos of that night but some of them turned out really cool. My toast to you for having a great rest of your year!

new year (17)new year (40)


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