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When I started this blog my hope was that I’d have an outlet to show not only my more formal photography like photo shoots and ongoing series of my work but my more daily photography I take and my film photography. I wanted to also provide posts for topics that I looked for myself on the internet like reviews for art books, Etsy stores, toy cameras reviews, and fun silly DIYS and recipes. I never thought it’d become what it is and that I would have so much fun putting it together. Every post is something I am proud of and challenging myself to write reviews and think more critical about the things I love has really added so much to my life. It’s really become more than my photography (which sometimes I have the tendency of hiding away and still kind of do even with this blog) and I enjoy that I’ve been able to add so many elements of my life on here. This year I think my goal is going to be explore more film photography projects and really engrossing myself in the process of film photography as well as continue just having fun. The last year has been amazing, and it’s something I enjoy doing so much even when I am not going to bed at a good time because I am inspired and on a roll or frustrated with my real job getting in the way of my time and energy I want to put towards here. I think just having a place to go to and pour my energy towards has really helped short term with my depression and other issues. Thanks for coming and checking me out whether it was for one post or more (even if it’s a hate read for you because everyone needs one of those). Excited to make it to 1 year, and want to make it another great one!

12 Posts for 12 Months:

Montreal-Mural-FestivalThe Montreal Mural Festival was a great time, I love graffiti and watching the artist work live was pretty cool. This was my old neighborhood and anytime I go back to visit some of my old haunts I always make sure to walk by all the really cool walls.

hanging-memories1-1024x688For my favourite Monthly DIY post I choose Hanging Memories – the wall beside my desk is so colorful it always puts a smile on my face and it was so easy.

apple-crumble-cupcakesI converted so many great recipes this year to make my own delish combinations and this was my favourite, nothing beats Apple Crumble Cupcakes.

orchard portraitsGoing apple picking again this year was a treat, and Victor and my wonderful friend Zara let me take photos of them while they were working hard picking apples.

holga flashbackThe Lomography Wednesday post that I really thought stood out is the one with Holga shots taken a few years ago in Vancouver that are really some of my favourite film shoots of all time.

the first time i took your photo
I decided to create a meme and made a post about the first time I took all of my friend’s photo for the first time. It’s really trippy looking back.

summer polaroidA set of instant film shots taken during at Wreck Beach this summer when I was in Montreal with my Polaroid Colorpack. Vintage Tuesday has been dominated by my Polaroid photography.

prince-edward-island-lighthouse-sunset copyI took an obscene amount of photos during our 3 day trip to Prince Edward Island and we were in the car for a total of 24 hours so how I managed that is unthinkable. I post a Vintage Tuesday post with the polaroid shots I took and 4 seperate posts but Lightshouse & Sunsets was my favourite

hear no evilThursday is my favourite day, not only do I share photos I’ve taken in the last week of events I’ve been too but I share old photo shoots I’ve done the past. My friend Sarah is an amazing model and we had a lot of fun taking these a few years ago back when we were room-mates.

kitty maskSelf Portrait Sunday has been all over this place but double expousre fun with a kitty mask has to be the winnter. Below is also another black and white double exposure from a series of photos of my friend Brent who visited me from BC.

portrait photographyWhen it came down to Saturday Review I just couldn’t decided. It’s probably one of my favourite series and I am sad that it’s no longer a post but I guess that happens when you review all your art books, artist postcards and paper doll books in a year (total of 34 posts). There will plenty of artist book reviews for Pick of the Week so it’s not gone away completely as I still buy art books every month. Instead of picking one, I thought I’d just link to them all:
saturday review (800x530)

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