Snow Time with Ising Pucky

isingpucky075 (993x1024)Last year in March there was one last snow storm that covered everything in snow before spring officially started.  Snow storms happen to be my favourite weather. There is nothing like being cozy at home and watching the world get covered in whiteness. It creates a bit of silent and stillness that you just don’t have living in the city any other time. These were taken the day during the big snow fall from my window that faced the street and from the sidewalk in front of my house. I stood outside holding a towel over top of the camera and the tripod the whole time I was taking photos to protect them from getting wet. I probably look quiet the sight to the lady walking down the street. I love black and white film photography when it’s snowy because the contrast works perfectly. I am hoping when I run out of 120 film to pick up a different brand as I notice the film is very grainy and I don’t think it’s my home developing techniques but perhaps. This is the last black and white film I had the chance of developing since I ran out of chemicals. I did buy some over the Christmas period and I actually just went recently on a bit of walk with the Ising Pucky so I should have shots from this year to share next month!  This weekend I will have more about my Ising Pucky camera so look out!

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2 thoughts on “Snow Time with Ising Pucky

  1. Hi Kathryn, Thank you for posting this. I found it because I have a Pucky II and was searching for photos made with the camera. Mine is in good shape but I’m still cleaning it up and reconditioning the leatherette. I expect to try a roll of film through it soon.

    Regarding your comment about the grainy film, try some Ilford Pan F plus, ISO 50. If you’re shooting in daylight the slower speed films work best in these old cameras that have slow shutter speeds, and you’ll have the benefit of very fine grain.

    1. Thanks John for the tip on the film. I love Ilford film, it’s been too long since I bought a roll but that sounds like just the things I need. The Pucky II is such a great vintage camera. Feel free to share any photos you take, I would love to see!

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