2014 Lomography Project: 100 Strangers / People & Places

For the new year I really wanted to push myself even further than my 365 Challenge and find a great way to incorporate my sense of adventure into my film and lomography photography. So I had a look around online for project similar to the 365 Project and found two that I just absolutely fell in love with. So I decided to take the leap and start them in the beginning of the year so I can see how far I’ve come by the time 2015 hits. Below I’ll briefly explain the projects and show you where I got the inspiration from in case you want to look into starting one of your own. Projects like the 365 and these are a great way to play around with your film photography and get practice with spefic cameras instead of waiting around for a party or a summer day to dig it up. Below I will explain each one and where I got the inspiration from in case you want to join me!

100 Strangers

100 Strangers is exactly what it sounds like, take 100 portrait photos of 100 separate people that you’ve never spoke to or met before. Scary sounding, right? The idea of walking up to strangers doesn’t scare me that much even though I am a super anxious person and usually avoid it but I think actually doing it will be really tough. However combining it with silly film cameras and I think it’d probably be a bit of fun, people are always staring at me when I take photos with my vintage and toy cameras anyways so I may as well talk to them…right? Okay I haven’t started yet and it’s almost the end of January – better get moving. This one will be film and digital but I am hoping to capture most of my strangers on film. I will be sharing this one probably 4 random points in the year to update you on how many strangers I’ve captured.

Inspiration: I found out about this in a lot of different blogs as an alternative to 365 projects and thought right away was intrigued. There are plenty of groups on Flickr for it and it’s easy to find people amazing 100 Strangers projects. The only blog I read was this one and it was great read and informative. Some really amazing photographer do this project so I am excited to try it out. My own twist is doing it with film and with a variety of cameras which should make it interesting.

People & Places

People and Places is also again exactly what it sounds like. I found this project while looking up information about double exposure….I never actually thought of rewinding film before to make double exposures. How did this not occur to me? I mean I am sure in my high school photo class I was taught about this method but honestly I’ve always had a toy camera or a digital camera that was capable of double exposures so I am so use to that.  Rewinding film and exposing it all over again is an amazing idea. There are so many possibilities this opens up, like sending the roll to a friend to expose again or even sending it to a stranger. With this in mind I thought I need limitation, but rerolling film and double exposing it again was the main idea. So if I only shoot places so it’s easier to get through the film and then perhaps on the rerolled film shoot only people, that way I can play around with different cameras and maybe add even more random elements to the equation while still guaranteeing a likely successful photos (people against nature or buildings usually make for the best double exposures). I hope to do at least 1 roll a month but I don’t know if I can hold myself to that so we will see how it goes. The best thing is I can do this at the same time as my 100 strangers.

Well as soon I had my eyes opened to double exposing the same roll of film I found this amazing tumbler called People vs. Places where one photographer takes photos of only people and then sends the film to his colleague who then double exposes the film shooting only places. Their work sometimes ends with such beautiful results!


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