Pick of the Week: Pinhole Press “Valentines Day Addition”

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Pick of the Week: Pinhole Press

Pinhole Press is an online store that specializes in turning your photos into various gifts from cards to magnets and everything in between. There are plenty of online companies that do this but one thing that Pinhole Press offers that is pretty unique is wall decals made with your favourite photos. That’s why I choose them to be my Valentine’s Day pick of the week. I love decals and combing them with your own photos is a great gift whether for friends, family or your significant other. Having a photo to remind you of the good times is something everyone likes and decals are renter friendly and functional.  They offer 3 sizes of photo decals from 3x4in, 5x7in and 11x17in at a very reasonable price. The shipped mine within a few days and I got them in less than a week so you can get them just in time for Valentine’s Day! Below are the photos of my decals I picked up and a review if you want more information.

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I picked up a bunch of the smaller square decals to check them out and they are very high quality and durable. Even though I just got them a few weeks ago I’ve rearranged them about 5 times already and haven’t noticed any loss of stickiness. The reproduction of the photos is high quality and the replicated color is identical to my original photos. I am not sure if the larger decals are of the same quality but from what I’ve seen they are able to reproduce my images better than most local photo shops would do and you don’t have to frame them. Their interface is also very easy to use and allows you to save your progress so you don’t have to finish creating the decals all at once. The negatives of their interface is as far as I can tell it only allows you to upload from your computer, and beside rotating the image there is no other photo manipulation. While I love the white boarders and think it adds a lot to the finished items I was quiet surprised that there wasn’t an option to have the decals without a boarders or to change the boarder color to black instead of white. The biggest concern I have though is the shipping charges, now they are an American company so I do expect shipping to vary but what they charge is excessive. If I had only bought 1 decal set the minimum shipping charge would be $21, keep in mind these are flat 3x4inch decals that weigh almost nothing. I was especially disheartened when they arrived in a white hard envelope without a receipt or even any company leaflet or flyer, and no instructions. All I received was the decals in clear baggy with no branding anywhere to be found. I have a hard time imagining what cost $26 because I know the shipping charge for me to ship these back to them would be $5 at most. Shipping aside though I really love these decals and am so happy with them, my only advice is to buy everything you want at once to offset the price of shipping or if you can maybe wait for a free shipping promo.

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