Pick of the Week: Wishcandy


Pick of the Week: Wishcandy

My pick of the week for this week is the delightful Wishcandy or Sashiko Yuen who makes amazing artwork and sells prints through Society6. She use to run a store on Etsy too that had pins as well as prints but she closed it down for health reasons just before Christmas (which is a shame but hopefully she’ll launch it again when she’s feeling better).  I picked up the two smaller prints from her Etsy store and the large one is from Society6. I just love her work and find her fierce female portraits super cute and delightful.  If you want to find out more about Wish Candy check out her website and her Tumblr!

*Edit: Sorry this edit is a day late but I was in Toronto, she actually reopened her Etsy store on the weekend which is exciting. It may be only temporary so if you see something you like order ASAP. Link here!

wishcandy (1)

a few favourite prints:


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