Pick of the Week: Nutella Stuffed Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

nutella cookies

Pick of the Week: Nutella Stuffed Dark

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My pick of the week is Nutella Stuffed Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies by the Hot Chocolate Hits. This blog is beyond mouth-watering and features not only dessert but savory items. I found this recipe on Tumblr and just had to try it out. Victor loves nutella (I’m not a big fan myself) so I made him a batch for Valentine’s Day. They turned out great! They are super indulgent too, I could only eat one at a time because they were so rich and chocolaty. Both me and Victor loved them though and enjoy biting into them for the surprise of nutella. I did have a bit of trouble rolling them with the nutella however without making the cookie huge and it was VERY messy. I would definitely recommend if you wanted to make these to make sure they were in the fridge for the full 2 hour and to add extra flour if they are still really sticky because mine definitely were not dry enough to be manageable. I think even the cookie recipe minus the nutella would be delish. Check out the recipe here if you want make them yourself!

some good looking recipes:

*You may notice this is the first recipe I’ve done for a pick of the week, I wanted to highlight blogs with great recipes because beside making my own recipes I am always searching to try others.

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