Watching the World Pass

self portrait (11)Watching the world pass makes me feel so at peace. I feel that being such a nomad as a kid as made me forever uneasy when I’m in one place for too long. Travelling and watch the landscape just slip by just eases my mind and makes my soul feel fulfilled. I wish I could travel all the time like my brother, it’s one of the things I should do more of. The decision to never learn how to drive was a mistake on my end, although I feel like if I had a car I would just drive around for hours at night when I couldn’t sleep so maybe it’s  a good thing I don’t have that ability. I really enjoyed the 5 hour train ride from Montreal to Toronto two weeks ago, I could be on a train forever.  I was able to take so many photos out of the dirty window for the last few hours of our trip. I think the people behind me thought I was wired as I was snapping away with my Polaroid and Nikon camera. The self portrait double exposures really capture me trying to be a part of the landscape I being whisked through.

DSC_5082self portrait (8)self portrait (5)This one is really wierd but I love it…


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