Toronto Tradition

I have what I call a Toronto Tradition where I go every year to celebrate my friend Derek’s birthday even though it’s the dead of winter. It started 4 years ago when I took my first ever trip there on a whim and I have never missed his birthday since. It’s such an odd time to travel but this year we didn’t get caught in any blizzard so I was thankful for that and we travelled by train which was so much better than by bus. Below are some of the photos I captured during the quick 3 day trip there:

toronto (1)toronto (10)
The trip started at 6am on Saturday after me Victor and me boarded our VIA rail train in Montreal. It was the first time we have taken the train there and it was so nice because they had free wifi. I may have spent the whole trip there on Etsy when I wasn’t taking photos outside the window.

toronto (34)double exposure (24)
I made Victor pose for me as I played around with double exposures. He chose to do the ‘thinking man’.

toronto (91)toronto (87)
We checked into our hotel room in Chinatown that we love so much and settled in for the weekend.

toronto (98) toronto (97) toronto (96)
The view of Spadina and the CN Tower from our hotel room.

toronto (100)
Victor found the hotel bible and decided to have a read, we joked that we should steal it. I bet everyone does that.

toronto (101)
Our room had a rock garden beside it, I really wanted to go in there but the pattern in the sand was too pretty to mess up.

toronto (103)
First meal of the trip was ramen from the BEST ramen place I’ve ever eatten at “Ajisen Ramen” on Spadina. Simple pork ramen is heavenly.

toronto (110)toronto (106) toronto (111)
After ramen Victor headed back to the hotel to have a nap and I went through Kensington Market to go shopping, it’s probably my favourite area of Toronto. Not only does it have cute stores but there is awesome graffiti and older style of house like we have in Montreal.

toronto (112)toronto (114)
SLURPEE!!!! I buy a slurpee from 7-11 every time I come to Toronto rain, snow or otherwise. I don’t even know how I mange to live in province that doesn’t have 7-11’s.

toronto (140)Spoils form my walk around Kensington Market.

double exposure (11)toronto (133)
When I arrive back home home I decided to take a few silly photos of me in the window.

toronto (157) toronto (141)
Dusk was really pretty so I took a few more photos out the window. I loved our hotel room, the one we stayed at last time faced a brick wall so this was great.

toronto (168)
After the sun went down we went to diner and then showed up for pre-drinks at Derek’s house before going to watch him spin at Detour. I didn’t want to drag my Nikon with me all night so no digital pictures of Derek’s birthday party at Detour.

toronto (156)toronto (173)
We woke up a little hungover on Sunday in the afternoon to this…that’s the before picture from Saturday and the Sunday photo.

toronto (174)
Had to share since it’s the only one I took of the cute box store that I love to visit. Victor will kill me.

toronto (176)
Bubbletea & Snow!

toronto (180)
We weren’t having a lot of luck walking in the snow so we decided to catch the train car and go shipping in a nice warm mall.

toronto (183) toronto (182)
We went to the Eaton Mall on Younge St to get away from the bad weather and so Victor could drag me from store to store shopping for shoes and clothes, lol. I ended up buying a cute cat sweater from H&M
(photos of it later)

toronto (184) toronto (185)
I didn’t take many photos on Sunday because of the snow but after we eat sushi we went to Derek & Erin’s apartment to hang out. There was a pregnant squirrel trapped in their kitchen, seriously a PREGNANT SQUIRREL. No picture because it was very angry and hidden behind a toaster. They showed what they call “The Kathryn Wall”….lol. I love that they have my postcards up on the wall, some of them are really cool so I’m glad they aren’t in a box hidden away.

toronto (186)
This is the first photo from our last day there, pictures of all the cute things Derek & Erin bought me for Christmas.

toronto (200)
About to check out of the hotel, but still manged to play a little Hearthstone while Victor was in the shower…I’m not addicted, I swear!

 toronto (189)toronto (187)
Shot a few photos of all the goodies I picked up at the box store and the nail polish from Forever 21.

toronto (206)toronto (216)
Last moments in the hotel. I just had to jump in the bed, King size beds are amazing. Oh and I am wearing my new cosmic cat sweater from H&M. They had matching leggings that made it look like a track suit but sadly they didn’t have my size.

toronto (217)
Last ramen of the trip, we manged to go 3 times total but it still wasn’t enough. Miss you pork ramen.

toronto (221)toronto (219)toronto (218)
We had to check out the hotel and kill a few hours before our train so we went to see Derek & Erin at their work. The bakery they work in has the best macroons I’ve ever tasted. It’s a very high end cafe but we just sat there with our luggage for 2 hours on our phones eatting way too many desserts.

toronto (223)toronto (222)
The bakery is in a swanky hotel and Derek showed us the basement of the hotel with an old safe they turned into a resturant. The door is almost twice the height of Victor and there was another door beside this that looks like solid gold, very wierd.

Okay so that’s all my photos. If you made it through that, congratz! Some times I just love sharing random photos from my life even if they aren’t that great. These were all pretty random, that’s the wierd thing about Toronto – I always take so many cameras but usually never take many photos. I think it’s all the drinking I do, like I am too drunk to take photos and then to hung-over to care about taking photos. Not to mention the weather is never good when I go there even on our trips we’ve taken in the Spring of the Summer. I blame Derek offically, lol.


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