February Treasures

I’ve been thinking  that for every Pick of the Week I do with random things I’ve bought recently there is a million stores I’ve found that I’d love to share. My Christmas Gift Lists were also super fun to do as well and there just so many neat things to discover that I may not have the chance to buy and review for you guys (although I wish, but that would also require me to have way more money than I do). So I thought why not do my version called February Treasures and show off random things from Etsy, Society6, Storenvy and elsewhere on the web that I adored during the month.  This is the first post I’ll be doing but look forward to it at the end of every month. The amount of things I choose will be random and I’ll try to have a variety between cute toy/vintage cameras, books, clothing, jewelry, house décor and more! Keep in mind all my Picks of the Week are choose by me and not paid advertisement for any of the stores I mention. I will try and keep it small businesses for most of the items because it’s nice being able to support artists and artisans.

 february treasures

  • Crazy Cat Lady Birthday Card by littlelow
    Not enough of my friends are crazy cat ladies, but it’s super cute.
  • Candy Buttons by Andie’s Specialty Sweets
    Their candy looks amazing and so realistic, seriously check out their shells as well – mind blowing.
  • Imperial Debonair by Falcon and Finch
    Couldn`t you image this guy on a shelf with a globe
  • Turban Headband by beauxoxo
    I have an obsession with turbans, and this store has tons of the cute headbands for Spring.
  • Narwhal Totem by DemiurgusDreams
    I need a collection of totems to protect me.
  • Gold Polka Dot Porcelain Mug by SilverLiningCeramics
    Doesn`t everyone want a mug collection…
  • Fingerless Mittens by mareshop
    Dragon scale gloves!!! I know it’s the end of winter but  fingerless gloves are my jam.
  • Green Stegosaurus Dinosaure Necklace by Cat Bear Express
    I love clay sculptures, I am awful at making anything with clay.
  • Skully by Bow Peeps
    So adorable.
  • Sailor Moon phone case by CialiKawaiilan
    Never been so jealous of iphone users, my phone is so uncommon I never find cases for it.
  • Black Infinity Wrap Dress by CoralieBeatrix
    Sexy black dress.
  • Kittens and Cake Postcards by RubysCandyShop
    More cat things, I try to resist being a crazy cat lady but I cannot help it.
  • Camera Strap by lunaviz
    Customized camera straps are great to spice up boring digital cameras.

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