Pick of the Week: Liza Corbett

liza corbett

Pick of the Week: Liza Corbett

This week’s pick is the Etsy store “The Summer-Land” by artist Liza Corbett who sells otherworldly original illustrations & sketches, prints, dolls, and embroidery. If I remember correctly I first found her work while trying to find artists who make paper dolls and I fell in love with her fabric dolls. I have never seen an artist before that takes original illustrations and transferred them onto canvas and then made the canvas into a pillow style doll. I absolutely love the idea and wish I could have a whole collection her dolls around my house. Since then I’ve been following her store and when I was looking last month to see if there was anything new I fell in love with this original sketch that I just had to have. I am a big sucker for the right color combination and honestly although it’s a sketch I find it very magical. I was on my rent paycheck and had my Toronto trip coming up so I asked if she could reserve it for a few weeks and she was happy to do so and was so great about it. I also although it was super difficult to decide picked up one of the dolls (hopefully the first in many I will acquire). She packed the sketch with such care I was so surprised the amount of effort and detail she went to make sure it arrived safe (it was in an art tube and in a massive box which was great) and everything was wrapped up in ribbon which really made me smile as it felt like a present. She also very kindly gave me a few pins and mini-prints. Honestly her work is breathtaking and I love the unashamed morbidness of the pieces. Her work feels very genuine and doesn’t rely on the motifs that have become popular in art in the last few years. I really hope I start seeing her work around more and perhaps even an exhibit in Montreal (I can dream, can’t I?). Below are photos of what I picked up and for more information about Liza Corbett check out her website!

liza corbett (3)The original sketch I bought, I haven’t decided where to hang it in my office yet so it’s on the empty wall. It  doesn’t look very large since the wall is blank but it’s 18×24 in which makes it the largest piece of artwork I own.

liza corbett (4) A closer look at the sketch and the amazing colors.

liza corbett (5)The stuffed doll called Louisa V – An Excursionist.

liza corbett (1)I have my doll on the art wall for right now. I love how well it goes with the other pieces.

liza corbett (2)The mini prints she gave me and pins, I cannot wait to frame/wear these. She wrote a really nice note on the back of the one on the right (love that about Etsy store owners).

a few of my favourite items from her shop:


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