Pick of the Week: Stuffed Cheese Bread on Crack

Stuffed Cheese Bread (2)

Pick of the Week: Stuffed Cheese Bread on Crack

Today’s pick of the week is this great recipe for stuffed cheese bread by the blog Food Wanderings in Asia. Again I found this recipe on Tumblr (I spend a lot of time on Tumblr) and just had to try it becuase I am a lover of cheese bread. I made this for me and Victor last week and it was a super simple recipe. Probably the greatest thing about it is how much you can improvise and change it around. For example you`ll notice mine doesn`t have poppy seeds or parsley (forgot the parsley and couldn’t find the poppy seeds) and I also used Gouda and old cheddar cheese. It was yum, I have no doubt the original recipe is dope too but it`s the type of recipe you learn to make once and then just try with different combinations each time. It`s a pretty straight forward idea but as a person who never knows the right combination of how much butter and cloves to make garlic bread it very useful. I will definitely be making this again and this time I want the poppy seeds, lol. It`s starting to get a little warmer but there is still going to be plenty of cold days when cheese bread is just what you need. The only downside I found is it`s a little much for two people so if it`s just you or you and another try just making half the Italian loaf. Let me know if you have any recipe blogs or recipes that you think I should try.

If you want to check out this recipe click, here!

Stuffed Cheese Bread (1)

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