Featured Artist: Kristamas Klousch

kristamas klousch
Featured Artist: Kristamas Klousch

Kristamas Klousch is a Canadian photographer who makes wonderfully dark self-portraits (which she refers to as caricatures).  I’ve been familiar with her work ever since we started following each other on Flickr in my early 20’s. At the time I was very much into exploring myself through portraiture and she did an amazing alteration of one of my self-portraits. Her work has always amazed me as she has such a way of capturing herself, almost mutating herself to fit this timeless painting feel. She seems to capture some unspoken world between the living and ghosts like the Japanese mythology for yūrei. Besides being deeply evocative her work plays between being sinister and erotic and reminds me very much of 70s horror films mixed with the idea of femme fatal for some reason. She has such a strong idea of what her feel is as a photographer that you can easily tell it’s her work even though she may be unrecognizable in it. Speaking of which, she is amazing at shape shifting and transforming herself into different caricatures or illusions. Not surprising she includes Cindy Sherman, one of best self-portrait photographers as an inspiration to her.  She draws you in and tells you a story with each of her photographs or caricatures and I am fascinated by her world. Check out some of her work below, followed by links of where to find her.

Kristamas Klousch(website)
Flickr (photos)
Facebook (updates)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Kristamas Klousch.

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