Cute Little Cat Nose

butter (7)

Butter has one of the cutest little noses I’ve ever seen on a cat. Her little spots just make me want to boob them (which I would never do so no hate mail). These photos of Butter are my way of cheering me up because I am not only exhausted but I have an ear infection after just getting over a cold. Real talk, I’ve had a really draining week.  I’ve been having really weird waves of depression hit which I think are being caused by my body feeling not so great and lack of sleep.  But it’s kind of hit me from left field and I’ve been spending way too much time listening to Drake thinking about really weird times in my life at 3am when I should be sleep. Lol. Working till midnight never ends well as I need to distress a lot after work or I can’t sleep.  Hoping on the weekend I can cheer myself up and start out next week with a fresh start. I don’t take any medication for my depression and instead just try and go with the flow. Even though I’ve battled with it for 15 years I never seem equipped to make it go away on its own. After it’s over or on during the day when my head is clearer I feel like I’ve lost so much time. I’m just excited my schedule next week is mostly day shifts and I have a long weekend next week. Really hope you’re feeling great and don’t have to work this weekend. Be prepared because I have two new posts I’ll be doing in April that I’m really excited for.

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