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Very excited for the first ever “This Week in Photos”. I want to keep taking daily photos without all the pressure of a 365 Challenge as seriously that exhausted me. Since I stopped in the beginning of March I’ve felt like I’m on vacation from photography. Which has been great but I really want to get back into it. I also need to encouraging myself to actually post all the random shots I end up taking throughout my week.  I love a good random shot of my daily life but it usually just sits on my computer and never sees the light of day for oh a good year or two so this is perfect. Oh speaking of random photos I’m working slowly at my Society6 store to add a bunch of various photographs so if you want to check out the prints I have available – click here! Just a warning as well – there will be a lot of Easter photos in the weeks to come. Starting at the beginning of April I go full out old school German and obsess about Easter. It’s a weird family tradition, it means decorations, rabbit ears, Easter tree (yup there’s a tree) and lots of eggs.

montreal graffitistarchild stelaA sneak peack at my weekend photoshoot. Already posted my instant photos from that day on Tuesday! More to come next week.

stela starchildAmazing stickers and mini zine present from Starchild Stela.

easter eggTested out a DIY idea with one of my hollow eggs I have just laying around a box
(see I warned you, I’m a weird German person)

hanging wall (3) hanging wall (2)I rearranged and added some new zines and mini prints to my hanging wall. The instant of me and Victor from Montreal En Lumiere festival makes me smile.

easter bunniesCute bunnies I picked up from Dollarama to hid around my plants like Beatrix Potter.

art printMy art print from Society6 of Muxxi‘s artwork arrived this week.

postcardsStarting to send out my Spring postcards.

value village (2)Went to Value Village to look for silk ties for my Easter DIY.

silk tiesSilk ties are so expensive, I layed down all the ones I liked to choose a few. I spent $30 on 5 which I wasn’t expecting…apperently used silk ties are sups expensive for some reason.

my little pony (2)I bought this My Little Pony at Value Village for $2 and while waiting for the bus to go home took a few pictures. I love when people just stare at me while I take photos like I’m hella crazy.

Hope you have an amazing weekend.  I am going to be knee deep in my Easter DIY projects I think or at least blowing out eggs in preparation. Maybe even get around to painting the enterance to our apartment…I say that every week don’t I? I feel like if I keep saying it maybe it’ll come true….

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