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I’ve started to become a bit of night owl in the last month. I guess that what happens when you are working midnight shifts at work – I think I need to start activily fixing my sleep schedule so I have more chances to go out and take photos. I’ve been staying up till 4am each day and waking up at 1pm….not excatly the best schedule. Today’s post is a little light on photos but next week will be jammed back as I have to run around a lot this weekend finding all the odds and ends for my big Easter weekend.

sunriseThis lovely sunrise is brought to you because by Game of Thrones. Accidently watched back to back episodes and didn’t realize it was 6am….I didn’t sleep but did get some amazing shots.

citizen erased photographyAn outtake from my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits, deciding which one was really tough. I wasn’t in the mood at all to start my project as my face was very red from an allergic reaction but in the end I decided to start with an au natural photo would be a great beginning.

this week in photos (3)Worked on making a whole bunch of my temporary tattoo Easter eggs for my Monthly DIY project.

this week in photos (1)I bought this little window bed for Butter for Christmas and since it’s been sunny all week I set it up for her. Trying to get her to try it with treats. She’ll jump to it for treats but never stays…

this week in photos (2)More Spring postcards for my friends who live around Canada.

easter troll earringsMy vintage Easter troll earrings came in the mail!!

my little pony (3)Two of my favourite collections, everytime me and my friends make Easter eggs I always keep them so I can display them. Looking at them always reminds me of how much fun we had making them.

Hope you have a great weekend! I will be making a ton of Easter eggs this weekend and hopefully finding some pussywillow branches at a florist to make my own Easter tree!

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