52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: All That Glitters

02/52 All That Glitters

citizen erased photographyToday’s self-portrait I was tried to capture a silhouette of myself. I will have to share more of these because it was so hard deciding on just one and the series turned out beyond what I was aiming for. Which is an exhilarating feeling. I much prefer this self-portrait in it’s vertical position but thought I’d share both with you so below is how I intend the image to be…

Inspiration song:

“What lies beyond the fringe of the woods?
Dust to dust, so we leave for good
When all has gone to blazes I start to run
Until I find places where nobody’s gone

No more weight on your conscience
With ease, I go back to the start”
Iamamiwhoami “Fountain”

citizen erased photography


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