Pick of the Week: Tattoos by Jian Yi

Jian Yi (8)Pick of the Week: 30 Postcards to Color and Send by Jian Yi

Today’s pick is 30 Postcards to Color and Send by Jian Yi, which are no longer a part of my postcard collection because I’ve sent them all away to friends for Easter. These postcards are super fun and combine two things I love to do – send mail and colour! (Pro tip if you ever work in a call centre – colouring is a great way to create a little Zen) The postcards are all of classic tattoo designs and feature plenty of iconic tattoo images like skulls, koi fish, dragons and more. Out of the 30 I found most of the tattoo designs to be very interesting but there was a few boring ones in there. The quality of the paper is not a high as I prefer but the cardstock overall was ideal for colouring and wasn’t too weak. The back is very plan, just the lines for the address and the stamp area is a dragon. Overall though for the price I bought mine (under $10) I was really happy with them and colouring them gives you more chances to individualize each postcard for the receiver. Definitely I could see kids having a lot of fun with them, so all in all highly recommended.  I’ve included a photo below of a few of the postcards uncoloured as well as a closer look at the designs after I coloured them.

Jian Yi postcards (2)now a look at my lovely job of coloring (I suck at coloring but it sure makes work more bearable)

Jian Yi (9)Jian Yi (1) Jian Yi (2) Jian Yi (6) Jian Yi (4) Jian Yi (5)


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