Vintage Tuesday: A look at my slide collection

Today I wanted to share part of my growing collection of vintage slides because not only are slides really neat but who ever took these shots was very talented. It feels like an honor to have a part of a photographer’s hard work, almost like owning an original from a painter.  There is just something so much more tangible about slides than with digital photography or even negatives to me. Plus I love holding then up to the light one by one to see the image – it’s like opening a present! I don’t have any information on these slides since I bought them on Etsy for various shops but I do know they are from America and taken in the 1960s to 1970s. Currently I own over 200 and since they are going to end up being used in future DIY projects I wanted to scan each one and save the photography forever. I thought today I’d share flowers since its Spring.

slides056 (1024x696)slides018 (683x1024)slides055 (699x1024)slides037 (685x1024)slides085 (692x1024)slides088 (1024x697)slides084 (665x1024)slides035 (664x1024) slides077 (1024x664)slides078 (1024x658)slides092 (670x1024)slides081 (666x1024)slides072 (1024x664)


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