This Week in Photos: Easter Addition

easter window decalsI had a wonderful week (mostly thanks to only working 3 days) and have already started my long Easter weekend. It’s been a good week, although I’ve made myself super busy. However I think as soon I’ve sorted out my hair it’ll be pure relaxation (I’m switching to a new color, check out Sunday’s self-portrait post to see the new color). Tonight in fact I am going to see Minilogue – if you don’t know who they are check out their Soundcloud – one of my favourite DJ duos and it’s their last tour together. I’m going to dance a lot and enjoy the rest of the weekend hanging out with Victor. I also managed to track down some pussywillows yesterday and have the most amazing Easter tree – they put a really big smile on my face. I’ve never had an Easter tree while I’ve been living in Montreal, mostly due to be hella broke most of the time so it feels really good to have one now. It’s really blinged out too and I took far too many photos of it so it’ll be at the very bottom hidden under a link. :)

silk easter eggs (14) silk easter eggs (25)Taken on Saturday after finishing my DIY for silk tie eggs. These didn’t turn out as great as I hoped but I love them anyways.

butterButter’s first steps outside after a long winter. Not Easter related but my little ball of fur is too cute to pass up.

hello kitty easter egg temporary tattoo easter eggs (9)My favourite of my temporary tattoo easter eggs with notes going around the whole egg.

temporary tattoo easter eggs (3)A look at the rest of the Hello Kitty tattoo easter eggs, DIY is here!

bye bye hairBye wonderful hair! I will miss your coral tones.

easter (15)I only bought 1 bag of Lindor easter eggs to fill up my little plastic egg containers since Victor didn’t want to have lots of chocolate and I usually buy tons the day after so I get discounts.

easter postcardThe last of all Easter postcards. Now that my Easter postcards are done, I am already planning what ones I will send for the Summer.

easter (4) easter (3)My mini Easter shrine I setup of all my random bunnies and various eggs decor. The bunny piggy bank statue btw was given to my by my baby brother almost 10 years so and I treasure it so much. Also the large plastic eggs light up and flash 4 colors – it’s amazing.

easter (1)I found the cutest bowls last night at Dollarama and now want to buy more so I can switch all my eggs into them.

easterEaster nails!

easter (10) easter (11)Easter window decals and pussywillows (and yes I own window decals for every season and holiday – they are really fun to play around with)

easter (14)My Easter tree prior to decoration. The florist I found was selling branchs that had almost no bloomed pussywillows or sticks of bloomed pussywillows so I combines a few together and was really happy with the over all results. When I was a kid we drove out to the farm area of Edmonton and actually sawed down a large branch. Mine is like a baby tree.

easter (24)Butter like usual is super curious about the tree.

easter (37)My finished tree
(if your wondering why this photos looks kinda dull it’s because it’s super cloudy outside)

Lots more photos of the tree below
easter (21)easter (22) easter (26) easter (27)easter (35)easter (29)easter (30) easter (33)easter (25) easter (16) easter (17)Hope you have a great Easter if you celebrate it otherwise a great weekend!

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