52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: Easter Bunny

03/52 Easter Bunny

easter bunny self-portrait (2)

Happy Easter!!!! Today’s self-portrait is super silly but when I found bunny ears to match my hair – I just knew it had to be a post. Plus I wanted to show off my new hair color. I call it watermelon although when I told my co-workers about it this week they all assumed I was making it red and green. So curious whether it’s just me that thinks of watermelon as neon pink and neon green. It’s my favourite color combo but this is my first time I’ve had it for my hair. Disappointed in the green since it’s not what I wanted as it was impossible to 100% remove the pink before dying it and somehow turned out super yellow. I tried bleaching that side of my hair 3 times to remove my  faded pink color and my hair wouldn’t let go. I didn’t  want to try bleach it again so I have to live with it’s dark streaks of pink  until I can buy a darker green. It’s fun for Spring though…I had an amazing Easter long weekend btw. Hope you did too.

Inspiration song:

“Sitting by the river, I think I smell some rain
Silver puddles glitter behind the old jail
Wet snails get wetter, crawling towards perfume
The air silks like snow
Moth wings crumble by a day-lit fire
Ash of dead wood pile
Higher, pyre for false gods,
Blazing mires
Welcome to the afterlife…

CocorosieAfter the Afterlife


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