Pick of the Week: Worried Eyes

worried eyes (3)

Pick of the Week: Worried Eyes

Worried Eyes has been my pick of the week before but I just love, LOVE her artwork. It’s so wonderfully unique (I use that word a lot to describe art don’t I?) and the colors she uses in her work just really make me smile. The last time I choose her it was for her delightful surprise packages that come with all sorts of goodies (check out here) but this time I wanted to focus on her paintings. I’ve bought a few small pieces over the last year and they just really brighten up my art wall. Even cooler is the two smaller ones appear to have been made on homemade paper.  Her work is very minimalistic but that really adds to their overall feel and I wish she made manga or comics because I just love the world she’s creating with her work. Cannot hype her enough, I was hoping I’d have my newest piece from her before this post but sadly some delays in shipping. However I’ll be sure to show you on my weekly Friday post when it arrives. Btw it’s a mixed media piece with cherry blossoms and so perfect for Spring. If you like her artwork I’d seriously recommend checking out either of her stores on Storenvy and Etsy!

worried eyes (1)worried eyes (1) worried eyes (2) worried eyes (2)

a few of my favourite items:

worried eyes

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