Things That Make Me Smile…

All the things that make me smile this month…are not brought to you by Easter. Crazy, I know! So are you happy Easter hasn’t taken over my blog? Seriously though, I still have all my easter decorations up and I refuse to take them down until it’s May. It’s just so cherry in my house when I can see bunny figurines and eggs every where I look. I am sure Victor will be happy when they are all gone though – he is very toleratant of the fact I’m a total weirdo. However I will stop meandering and show you all the things that made me smile this month.

butterButter learning to sit ontop of my computer chair. In less than 1 month she’s pretty much mastered it and will sit there even after I get up.

magic bouncy ballMy magic orb. It’s actually just a bouncy ball with rainbow ribbon swimming around inside.

my little ponyMy newest My Little Pony,I found her for $2 at Value Village

things that make me smile (1)Finding out my favourite books when I was a little kid by Robert Munsch are available in Spanish
(present to my amazing friend Fernando who lives in Chile and just had a baby boy)

things that make me smile (2)My Spring postcards. I put lots of fairy stickers on them and don’t you just love the Chinese New Year international stamp?

things that make me smile (2)Butter finally used her Christmast present! She sat and watched the people below for 10 minutes and giving herself a bath.

india postcardsMy own postcards, sent from India by my brother who’s been there for half a year now exploring the country. These stamps are boss.

things that make me smileThe negatives of Fuji instant film before they dry

slides053 (1024x633)Slides! They are like presents, sometimes amazing, sometimes boring, sometimes crap…

nail decalsMy new fun nail decals! What doesn’t make me smile is that they came a week too late for Easter.

silly self portraitSilly self-portraits where I am stepping on my own face. Also zebra print pajamas.

If you took any photos of random moments or things that made you smile, show me in the comments below!

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