I had the chance to review a ton of Freshlook contact lens for this week so I thought I’d share my opinions with you guys in case like me you wear colored contacts! I was given 4 different colors to check out: gray, pure hazel, green and blue. I was really excited for the gray and brown color because I had never tired contact lens in those colors before but I do have previous experience with the green and blue color of Freshlook contacts.  The contacts are opaque colors so even though I have naturally green/blue eyes these contacts are wearable for any shades. I thought the best way to show them off would be taking photos of each so you can see the difference.

Natural Eyes

contact lens review (2)


contact review (6)The green colored are more of a darker green than I’m use but they look natural. I’ve worn them before and like them but the darker color means that I had to wear a lot more make-up to balance them out.


contact lens review (3)The grey ones are my favourite. They are very subtle and look really natural on me. I absolutely love them. They almost make my eyes look pale blue.

Pure Hazel

contact review (3)It is really interesting seeing myself with brown eyes but lets just say I’m not a big fan. Although I think a lot of it has to do with the center being my natural color – green and brown just don’t blend nicely. I think these would probably look amazing on anyone who had natural yellowish eyes or a darker brown.


contact lens review (5)I really love the blue color and use to wear all the time when I had black hair. The darker color does make them a little unnatural but I find when you wear more ‘evening’ style make up it becomes less noticeable.


The range of Freshlook colors is vast, there is actually way more colors when the ones I recieved.  I love the violet color myself (use to wear that color a lot) and I’d love to pick up some Sterling Grey and Jemstone Green ones as they look really cool.  The great thing is all the lens can be purchase in packs of 1,2 or 6 so it’s great if you are unsure of what the color will look like on you or want to try them out. I love that because I change my look so often and being stuck with 6 pairs of the same color is not ideal. Most sites I’ve bought from in the past only offer the 6 packs so that really appeals to me. The site is also available to several different countries too, so it’s not just for people in North America and the UK.  One thing I’d really like for them to stock in the future is Acuvue colored lens.  With my light eye color I find that Acuvue Enhancer colors turn out amazing and currently they only offer Freshlook, Expressions and Soflens for color lens which are all opaque lens. I also always look to see if contact sites have any special lens, like ones for Halloween but sadly they don’t have any. Don’t worry though for regular lens they have an insane amount of brands, some brands I’ve never even heard about before (the company is based in the UK, so they have all the brands I’m familiar with plus other brands not found on North American based sites). It’s definitely a very diverse site with lots of options. Would recommend trying them out if you are looking to buy your contacts online, especially if you have darker eyes and need opaque color lens or if you wear non-colored lens and looking to try out a variety of brands. Check them out here!

*As this is the first time I’ve received an item for purpose of review, I want to let you know that anytime I have a chance to do so in the future there will always be a note at the bottom advising that items were given to me. If there is no note, or in the case of my weekly ‘Pick of the Week’ all items are chosen and purchased by myself.


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