Pick of the Week: Camilla d’Errico Postcards

camilla d errico

Pick of the Week: Camilla d’Errico Postcards

This week’s pick is Camilla d’Errico’s self-titled postcard set that contains 30 various prints from her body of work. I know a lot of people seem to look down their nose at d’Errico’s art style but I’ve always had a soft spot for her combinations of cute big eyes girls and animals even if it’s often overplayed in the last 10 years since she started out. There is no denying her bright and colorful paintings are eye catching and make great merchandise and I for one am happy she seems to realize this and sells her work in a variety of products. Her paintings make much better postcards I find and they make for great mini-prints as well. Perfect for sending to friends with its eye catching colors and if your friend has a spirit animal chances are it’s included in the 30 set. There is also a lot of design on writing side of the postcards which I hugely appreciate when artist put the effort into stylizing the postcards to fit their own style. The size is the standard for postcards so they make pretty small prints but still a good gift for anyone who enjoys her work. I would definitely recommend these postcards if you enjoy anime style girl with colorful hair cuddling animals like lions, butterflies and everything in between.

a few of the postcards:


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