Featured Artist: Redd Walitzki

redd walitzki

Featured Artist: Redd Walitzki

The featured artist this week is pop-surrealism painter Redd Walitzki from Seattle, Washington. She’s an up and coming artist who’s been featured in influential art magazines like Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz and has had her work exhibited in galleries all over the West Coast and New York. In the last year it’s been amazing to see her artwork take off and start to reach even wider international audiences. The highlight of her paintings for me is her intricate laser cutting of her canvas. The delicate details of her cuts make her work transcend being just a painting and allows for shadows and further depth when viewing her work. She even use to sell prints of her work that had the same laser cut details as the original pieces, a detail I hope she maintains in future recreations. For her subject matter she paints realistic women with a heavy emphasis on fluidity and movement for them and their surroundings. Her subject matter most often appears to be alternative styled women suspended in a dream surrounded by nature. This aspect of her work reminds me a lot of modern surrealist fashion photography but going beyond what can be achieved through a camera. Her work is very striking and I’m drawn to it immensely, have a look below at some of her work followed by links and where to find her.

Candy Gears (website)
Flickr (photography)
Facebook (updates)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Redd Walitzki.

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