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This week in photos is a real mish mash, starting with Butter since she hasn’t made many appearances since I stopped doing weekly photos of her (do you miss that? I miss it but I could look at photos of her fluffy face forever). Also me and Victor had a mini adventure in the middle of the week and it got me really excited for the summer. I’m starting a list of all these locations we have to revisit in the next few months and places I want to check out. I’m always really excited the few weeks when Montreal isn’t raining but still has that cold breeze and before it’s hella humid and it’s so warm you don’t even want to move. That’s the perfect time to be outside. The vitamin D also feels amazing, going to bike and walk all summer!

butterButter has been hating this rainy weather just as much as me, the rise in temperature has made her more and more anxious to go outside so she’s spending lots of time looking out the windows.

lord of the rings collection (2) I picked up a new Lord of the Rings box set this week. Aren’t the covers gorgeous? These are the 70th Anniversary additions and I picked them up because I wanted to a set of paper back with large font plus this one included The Hobbit as well. And these guys were only $14. My fav is the  Hobbit cover – I’ve seen it before and always loved it.

lord of the rings collection (1)A look at my J.R.R Tolkien collection. It’s totally normal to have 3 versions of the same book right? The other box set I’ve had since High School and it has the classic artwork covers but the font is tiny. I also have LOTR and the Hobbit in hard-cover plus a collection of various other stories. What’s amazing is that 1 of my other books is actually from the same series of artwork as my new box set! Very excited to get more of that one series as it’d be neat to have the complete black series. Might as well have two versions of every J.R.R Tolkien book right?

camera collectionI wanted to move my camera stand over closer to my desk so I had to take all the cameras off and decided to take a photo of them all while they were on the floor.

montreal exploring (2)this week in photosmontreal exploringThis is the first official long walk of Spring! It felt great to have two days this week with nice weather in a row. Victor skipped out of work on Wednesday and me and him were able to go for an almost 5 hour walk around Vieux-Montreal. I have a whole post planned with photos from our walk next Thursday but wanted to share a few. My poor feet hurt so much, I don’t think either of us suspected we’d go as far as we did but I kept finding places I wanted to check out. Victor brought home a bike path map a few weeks ago and I’ve been looking at it and trying to plan places to check out this summer. I want to spend a lot of time outside and riding around on our bikes (need to get mine fixed).

new dressI was able to wear summer shoes and my new butterfly dress from Asos on our walk!

loll3 (7)A few things from the artist LoLL3 came in the mail this week. The mug and a few of those stickers are actually a friend’s birthday present that I am mailing to her this week.

self portraitself-portrait
Me taking silly self-portraits of myself. My hair keeps getting more and more yellow. One of my co-workers told me that I look like a highlighter. lol. Accurate. It’s not what I wanted but I actually quite like it because it’s really unique. I just wish it matched any of the clothing I own, lol.

oragmi street artSaw a lady making an origami installation on a cement pole, she apparently does a lot of street art using origami which I always find fascinating (check it out here)

holga lens for nikonLoved this Holga lens shot I took this week, had to share. I find it cute when couple coordinate.

dinosaur chocolatesOn Thursday I made dinosaur chocolates for Victor as they are so yummy. I beat they won’t survive the weekend. Going to be a tutorial on how I make them next Saturday in case you want to know my technique.

butter (2)butter (3)
Finally it’s starting to warm up in Montreal and we’ve been able to let Butter enjoy our balcony a bit. By the end of this week she went from staring out the window to meowing at the door in the morning waiting for me to open it. It’ll be our second summer at this house so I have to more careful with her since she gets more and more adventurous outside when she’s familiar with a house.

It’s already back to rain here just in time for weekend but I am getting more and more ready for summer and feel optimistic. Hope you have an amazing weekend!

EDIT: I took this photo at 5:30am this morning (having a real issue going to bed before 4am these days) and didn’t have enough time to add it before going to work this morning. Enjoy the sunrise from my front window.sunrise

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